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A.A.Brown and Sons are best sporting gunmakers and gunsmiths. We mainly produce the bespoke "Supreme de Luxe" sporting side by side guns to order. These are made to the highest standards, partly in house with some work such as engraving and barrel making done by some of the finest craftsmen in the country.

We also specialise in the sales and customising of good quality continental guns, especially Beretta and produce the very well regarded B.B.Game model.

As well as the B.B.Game we are an official Beretta supplier and can source all new Berettas, although we hold limited stock as we are not a retail premises, but a workshop.

We offer a high level of after sales service for our customers and this is not limited to owners of A.A.Brown and Sons guns. We take care of repairs, renovations and servicing of our own make and other best guns including stock fitting, new barrels, re-blacking, choke alterations etc.

Continuing our gunsmithing services we offer re-stocking of fine guns using high quality walnut. Mostly from Turkey (Caucasus), a few blanks come from France, USA or southern U.K. We store all our timber for several years to ensure complete seasoning before use. All grades of stocks are available including exhibition grade if required. Straight hand, Prince of Wales with cap or a traditional half pistol grip are options. Gold ovals with initials or crest are available. Stocks have a deep oiled finish with fine hand cut chequering, stocked to measurements for an ideal fit. Please head over to our Gallery to see some examples of stocks we have supplied.

Matthew Brown checkering a butt end.

Robin Brown.

The premises are also home to the photographic studio of Matthew Brown Photography. This studio specialises in the highest quality gun photography as well as other fine products such as jewellery and more general product photography. The Library Of Sporting Gun Images website is an online gallery of all the gun pictures taken here at A.A.Brown and Sons and can easily steal many hours of your life with all the fabulous pictures of wonderful guns featured there. It's well worth a look. This picture shows the studio, completed in 2014 and now in full time use supplying photos to the trade and to magazines.

We also supply and re-fit gun-cases, gunslips, cartridge bags etc., in finest leather or canvas together with cleaning accessories and gun-case tools of the highest quality.

We take pride in the quality of our workmanship, attention to detail and service to our customers.

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1 Snake Lane
B48 7NT


Phone: +44 (0) 121 445 5395 


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