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The Supreme de Luxe is a best quality all english sidelock ejector sporting shotgun made to order using the finest steels and timber to produce, mainly by hand, a limited quantity of truly bespoke guns. The gun can be built in 12, 16, 20, 28 and .410" gauge with barrels side by side and lengths from 25" to 30". There is a choice of chamber length, chokes, type of rib, gun weight, balance, stock blank, measurements and engraving.

Chopper lump barrels from best English tubes in high quality carbon alloy steel, filed and struck up by hand to optimum form, shape and weight. They are highly polished before deep blacking using traditional slow rust process. The self opening slide (if fitted) is located underneath the fore-end between the tubes and is coil spring operated, the strength of which can be adjusted by changing the spring to give mildly assisted, easy or self opening. This system is independent of all other functions and can be omitted during manufacture to produce a standard opener.

The sidelock action or frame is made from a case hardening low carbon steel forging and the size of action is varied for each bore to retain flowing lines so easily lost if reduction from a larger calibre is used. Each component is made from bar steel or forgings in the steel most suited to its function. Locks are made in house to the proven H & H design and adapted to suit our action. Intercepting safety sears are standard. Pull weight is adjusted to customer requirements. The top lever operates a 'Purdey' type double bite underbolt, connected by a Scott type squared spindle. Disc set or standard firing pins depending on model. Automatic safety catch in top strap with gold inlaid "Safe". Action filed and carved with fluted sides on lightweight models, deeply cut beads and double bars beneath. The ultimate in sidelock shaping, the classic lines are retained in the rounded version that is very comfortable to use. A standard shape is also available.

Double triggers with a single beaded trigger guard in right or left hand, but a non selective single trigger can be fitted if preferred. This is made in house to our own design based on a principle first introduced by Greener of Birmingham over a hundred years ago. It is very simple, has only five parts of which two are moving. Most modern O/U guns use a similar system. Fore-end can be splinter type which is standard, in a choice of lengths or a slim beavertail. Ejector mechanism is housed in the fore-end and is based upon the Southgate but refined to allow sweet closing after firing. Anson push rod fastening. Diamond and pin with fancy tip for retaining the wood which is always taken from the stock blank used on the gun.

Walnut stocks can be selected by customer. Mostly from Turkey (Caucasus), a few blanks come from France, USA or southern U.K. We store all our timber for several years to ensure complete seasoning before use. Grades are five, six or seven star with exhibition stocks when available at extra cost. Straight hand stocks are standard with diamond grip and drop points, a slender Prince of Wales grip with cap or a traditional half pistol grip are optional. Gold oval with initials or crest. Deep, hand rubbed oiled finish with finely cut hand chequering, stocked to the customers measurements for an ideal fit.

Engraving by top freelance engravers to either of our standard styles, fine rose and scroll or heavier cutaway scroll, or game scene, commemorative or special engraving at extra cost. Action finish colour case hardened or gunmetal (Coin). All guns are proved at the Birmingham Proof House. Singles, pairs, triples or sets can be commissioned. Cases, tools and accessories of choice are supplied at extra cost. Gunfitting can be arranged at a nearby shooting school.

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Supreme de Luxe 79792

We are in a rare position as the final heavy 12 bore Supreme de Luxe action, made from our original forgings, has been completed to stocking for quick delivery and is now looking for an owner to take the project to completion.

Supreme de Luxe 79792 is the perfect high bird game gun with 30 inch high performance steel proofed barrels, double triggers and a guard tang set for a straight hand stock. We are now ready for a stock to be chosen and fitted to the customer, as well as choices made on engraving and finishing style. A couple of years of work has already been carried out, meaning a far shorter delivery time of the finished article.

All handmade guns are unique, but this one particularly so as it is the last action of its type, made in the traditional way, but now the first to have high performance proof and be capable of shooting every type of cartridge.

The video below shows the gun at its current point of manufacture. Please contact us for more information


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