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B.B.game 72, 73, 74, 75 & 76

Here are the five most recently completed Brown Berettas, two pairs and a single gun. Numbers 72 & 73 are a pair made to almost top spec, just missing the drop points and featuring a fully extended trigger guard tang for the laid back pistol grip. These photographs where taken just after the guns were worked on for a second time to have the forends shaped hand checkered. Number 74 is the most basic spec, without drop points and still with the standard Beretta forend. It has been changed to straight hand stock with the full length extended trigger guard and the usual extra engraving to be found on all B.B.Game versions. Numbers 75 & 76 are top spec B.B.Game deluxes with reshaped grip and forend, hand checkered and oil finished. These feature the one piece trigger guard from the Beretta Jubilee with hand engraved embelishments. It's interesting to see the various levels of modifications clients choose to get the gun they want, sometimes coming back to add more changes later.



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