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Supreme de Luxe 79782

A 20 bore Supreme de Luxe with a brand new engraving pattern, designed by the maker, the client and the engraver Nigel Westaway. The theme is the ruffed grouse, with its tail fan featuring prominently on the fences (detonators) and a ruffed grouse vignette on the underside of the action. The rest of the engraving is a fresh take on our traditional fine rose and scroll pattern. The gun is topped off with an engraved grip cap as well as heal and toe plates on the butt end. It has the now traditional semi rounded action with a beautiful walnut stock and fore end featuring the usual best oil finish and hand checkering. Much of the work was done in house, but as always a number of trade workers have lent their expertise including Paul Stevens of Steven & Johnston for the barrel blacking, Romain Lepinois for the stocking and Martin Jones for the stunning oak and leather case.



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